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Envisioning Green

The Core Values

  • We build spaces that bring people together. This means that everything we do from beginning to end in our process is people, client, and employee driven. We strive to create a frictionless experience in all aspects of our service.
  • Instead of only being words on a wall, our Core Values are also a filter through which we make all of our decisions. Our 5 Core Values are Caring & Considerate, Positive, Driven, Resourceful, and Continuous Pursuit of Perfect Execution.
    • We firmly believe that if you know what you stand for, you already know what to do.
  • We not only care about our company, our people, and our clients but also our community. We are proud to be Business Partners with Edwardsville Neighbors, sponsors of events through Found a Hound Rescue, and leaders at our home church, Enjoy Church, as well as various other organizations.

The People

  • pic_difference2The first thing we look for when hiring for our team is an attitude that aligns with our core values. We hire for attitude, then train for skill. This allows for us to provide the consistent level of customer service that we expect across the board.
    • This is a highly skilled career path and skills can be trained, that’s why we hire for attitude and train for skill.
    • We can honestly say that we are proud to have each and every member in our company on our team!
  • We not only care about our people as employees but as human beings too. We value their families and try to be involved in their lives as much as possible. When you have full family buy in to your company, that’s when an employee will be successful.
    • We also provide other opportunities such as Leadership Development, Insurance and Mortgage education, and much more. We want to invest in our people in more ways than just professionally but don’t believe us, ask them!
  • We have multiple full time Landscape Designers on staff who have studied not just Landscape Design but horticulture as well which means your project is in the hands of trusted, trained, and educated professionals.
    • In addition to being a professional, the Designers being on staff means that any tweaks to your design can be made during your appointment at our Design Center on the spot. This allows for you to get exactly what you dream of and eliminates any headache of trying to communicate those changes, you can see them happening before your eyes!
  • We have a dedicated General Manager who in addition to your designers is a dedicated point of contact for all questions about your project. Part of his job is ensuring the quality, the product, and the professionalism when we are at your home.
    • Since our General Manager oversees all of the jobs, he is an excellent connector between the Designer, the client, and the crew ensuring that communication remains clear and that everyone stays on the same page.
  • Our Supply Chain Manager is the dedicated person ensuring quality of product and finding new innovative products. He immediately starts ordering once your job is signed which avoids material delays. This ensures that on the first day we are at your home, there will be no headache or delays caused by not having the right materials.
  • We have a full time Office Manager that is the pleasant voice that you’ll hear when you call our office, she is available to answer any questions you may have. If she doesn’t know the answer off the top of her head, she will get you in contact with someone who does.
  • Our company wide commitment to the industry allows us to constantly be trained and learn best-practices from other companies similar to ours from coast-to-coast.
  • Our crew members are career-minded individuals who don’t just see this as a job. They are constantly being trained by both ourselves and through industry specific courses.
    • We proudly possess several certifications which means that while the product itself may not be different, the execution is – Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute, Authorized Belgard Contractors, National Concrete & Masonry Association, Certified by Versa-lok, members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, and more.
  • We operate as one team. Of course, each person has a crew that they normally work on but once a month we all come together for our monthly breakfast meeting. This allows us to share ideas, Standard Operating Procedures, and more.
    • This sets us apart because it ensures that we all act on consistent standards and that no matter which team member you are working with you will have a great experience every single time.

The Process

  • pic_difference3We pride ourselves on exceptional, timely communication via email, text, or telephone – if you leave us a message or email, we will return it promptly.
    • The thing we hear most from clients getting home improvement projects done is that lack of communication from other companies, this is one pain point that we will be happy to help you avoid with our frequent updates.
  • We have the ability to manage budgets on projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars – and have the experience and track record to back any project up
    • We will make a plan for all of your hopes and dreams and any dreams you have in mind in the future and figure out the most beneficial and cost effective phases to make it happen
  • In order to provide consistency in the quality of our work and to make sure that you get exactly what you want, all of our crews work off of comprehensive job jackets that are specifically made for your job. These job jackets have everything from full 3D of your project down to measurements and specifications to make it happen.
  • We have a warehouse where we pre-build a lot of elements in most projects (i.e. Kitchens, Fireplaces, etc.). This means that there is less down time due to bad weather which means that we will get to your project faster and be more efficient once we’re there.
  • The thing that we hear most often about our jobsites is how clean they are. Our team realizes that we are not “just at a jobsite” but are at your home. Realizing that, we will make sure and treat your home with respect by setting aside some time to clean each day.

The Results

  • We have clients that have done business with us for over ten years – representing our commitment to taking care of our clients and their loyalty in return. These clients, along with many others, will gladly give us a personal reference based on their experiences.
  • We offer one level of high quality work to all of our clients and will do what we say we will do, when we said we would do it, the way we said we would do it.
    • This alongside with our attention to detail means that what we design and agree on you will receive and that it will also stand the test of time.
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