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Our Landscaping Services

We start our landscaping by first meeting you at your home, and finding out exactly what you are wanting to achieve. After a brief consultation, we will begin to compile everything we have discussed and begin determining how to focus on the good points of your property and how to best utilize the space. After approximately three days, we will have a presentation ready for you. The presentation will be a computer generated design of how your property will look when professionally installed by our company.

How do we get a design completed by your team and does it cost money?

This is an excellent question & probably one of our most frequently asked. We do not charge design fees to make money, we charge design fees to allow us to spend all the time you & your family deserves on a very well thought out plan. The designer will be dedicating their time to a small select group of serious clients a week instead of 15 to 20 a week who want free designs. This allows your designer to ensure every single part of your plan is well thought out and nothing is forgotten. Something as simple as a forgotten gas or electric line can cost upwards of $3,000.00 – down to some additional drainage costing around $700.00. Both of these amounts are higher than what our normal design engagement costs.

We work very hard here at Envisioning Green on “no surprises” & a “frictionless experience”. We know you do not like surprises when it comes to the money you have worked hard for and with this detailed, well thought out design we can help to eliminate them. What we have found is that most people that are serious about a project would like to pay a small design engagement to ensure they receive a superior design. Keep in mind, your consultation is still free and the amount of the design fee will be assessed on site based on the complexity of your project.

We care about your property! Once you have chosen us to install your landscape, we will professionally perform the steps necessary to make your design come to life, all with being as least invasive as possible. We will not leave you with a muddy mess, only a beautiful, one of a kind landscape!

Show off your landscaping with a lasting paver or natural stone border! We call this the finishing touch; nothing quite completes a beautiful landscape like a beautiful border to match. Borders make edging and trimming easier, they deter moles, and keep grass/unwanted weeds from invading landscapes. We don’t have to re-build your entire landscape to do this. Let us add this charming look to your landscape or replace/relay the old borders. This is done complete with compacted foundation to avoid settling.

Do you love your landscaping, but know it needs some major or minor enhancements? Let us bring it back to life! Many years of weather, age, and other factors take a toll on your landscape’s appearance. Give us a call to request a consultation so we can show you just what we can do.

Landscape removal is included in the price of our new landscape installations. We remove all old plant material, including roots and root balls, leaving a clean palate and workable ground. This service is also available for customers who would like to install their own landscape but would like to have a professional company remove the old overgrown plants, trees, roots, and anything else they may want removed.

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