Pergolas Make A Great Addition To Any Backyard

Envisioning Green has designed backyard pergolas for homeowners in Illinois & Missouri. We can help you bring your pergola dreams to life.


Pergolas aren’t just for those seeking shade; they are also for those desiring character and style. Whether your patio demands the elegance of a bold stately structure, your garden needs a charming centerpiece, or you’re simply looking to define a space to enjoy the ambiance of a cool evening, a pergola is the answer you have been searching for. With its many styles, the pergola offers a solution for any space.

This structure is completely made of a Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar lumber. It stands on solid 6×6 cedar posts and includes large 4×10 braces for stability. The heavy-duty headers are built with 6×12 beams and carry the 4×8 joists spaced 24″ on center. Blocking out an abundant amount of sun, the 2×3 purlins are spaced approximately 6″ on center providing the perfect amount of shade to sit and enjoy a mid-summer day. Available sizes range from 10’x10′ up to 18’x40′. This pergola is available up to a massive 18’x22′ with only four posts.

Our Traditional Wood Pergolas include unstained pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine, solid laminated 5×5 posts with decorative post skirts, solid 2×6 joists span the shorter side & 2×4 purlins span the longer side, both with scalloped ends and notched intersections to resist warping. And we add heavy-duty double 2×6 headers with braces for rigidity, and anchor brackets for concrete pads and wood decks.

Our Traditional Vinyl Pergolas are built with maintenance-free white vinyl over pressure-treated wood for superior strength and long life. We also use 5×5 wood posts sleeved with white vinyl, decorative post skirts, 1½x5½ joists with decorative scalloped end caps that span the short side, and 1½” square purlins with decorative diamond end caps that span the longer side. Heavy-duty double 2×6 header with braces provide rigidity, along with anchor brackets for concrete pads and wood decks. With a vinyl pergola, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of maintenance. Your pergola is designed for easy, worry-free care with your family’s safety and enjoyment in mind.

We have several different accessories to for your pergola available. Some of the most popular would be our wind screens and suns shades for one side where the sun rises or sets. 

Budgets For Pergolas

Backyard Pergola


Small, freestanding pergola perfect for a climbing vine or string lights.

Backyard Pergola


Medium-sized freestanding rough sawn red cedar pergola ready to house you and a few friend.

Backyard Pergola


Large wood or custom-sized pergola that will give shade for you and several friends, which may include such customizations as full masonry pillars or being attached to a home.

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