Landscape Design Services

Envisioning Green has helped hundreds of homeowners with their Landscape Design projects over the years. Let's make your landscape ideas & dreams become a reality.

Landscaping Design Services

At Envisioning Green, landscape design is one of our specialties. It’s important to have a master plan of all your hopes and dreams to make sure that placement makes sense and that budgets are utilized effectively. Our team of skilled landscape designers will work alongside you to make sure that your custom design fits with your wants and needs as well as enhancing the natural beauty and space of your property. Every property is unique and we take that into consideration when putting together your design. Your designer will take careful measurements and put your actual and backyard into your design to get the full effect. In addition to the elevations and size of your yard, we also consider your needs, preferences, and budget and use this to make an all encompassing plan that includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Hardscaping – This would include anything from paver patios, paver driveways, retaining walls, fire features, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls and more which really bring the outdoor living component to your space.

  • Softscaping – This includes the use of trees, shrubs, plants, etc. to create the ambiance of your outdoor space.

  • Landscape Lighting – Don’t forget the lighting! Landscape lighting adds not only ambiance to your space but also allows for more usability by increasing visibility in the evening and added security for your home.

At our Envisioning Green, we are committed to delivering high-quality landscape design services that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start transforming your outdoor space into the oasis you’ve always wanted.

What does a landscape design include?

We use the latest 3D software to create your design. This will give you the ultimate “try before you buy” experience and make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting. This also allows us to work closely with you to make any adjustments necessary before the project begins. Many of these adjustments will happen during your presentation at our design center.

Your landscape design will include all the elements of your project including your outdoor kitchen, paver patio, lighting, water features, and plants. We like to include furniture based on your vision for the space. There is also the ability to have different perspectives so you can actually put yourself into the design.

The way we see it, the investment of time into using a 3D design is important because it makes it possible for us to create a very detailed and thorough estimate. We will know exactly how much material we will need and the time that it’ll take to do it which means less surprises for you! This helps to achieve our goal of the ‘frictionless experience’.

How do we get a design completed by your team and does it cost money?

This is an excellent question probably one of our most frequently asked. We do not charge design fees to make money, we charge design fees to allow us to spend all the time you your family deserves on a very well thought out plan. The designer will be dedicating their time to a small select group of serious clients a week instead of 15 to 20 a week who want free designs. This allows your designer to ensure every single part of your plan is well thought out and nothing is forgotten. Something as simple as a forgotten gas or electric line can cost upwards of $3,000.00 – down to some additional drainage costing around $700.00. Both of these amounts are higher than what our normal design engagement costs.

We work very hard here at Envisioning Green on “no surprises” a “frictionless experience”. We know you do not like surprises when it comes to the money you have worked hard for and with this detailed, well thought out design we can help to eliminate them. What we have found is that most people that are serious about a project would like to pay a small design engagement to ensure they receive a superior design. Keep in mind, your consultation is still free and the amount of the design fee will be assessed on site based on the complexity of your project.

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