Looking To Add A Patio, Walkway Or Steps To Your Home?

Backyard Patios & Walkways make a great addition to any home. Envisioning Green's landscape design team can design your Patio, Walkway & Steps.

Backyard Patios, Walkways & Steps

Our retaining walls, patios, and walkways are the best in town. Built with more than just TLC, they have limitless aesthetic and practical possibilities. Our stonescapes will provide undeniable value to your home and landscape. The installation process and applications that we use are able to stand up to the area’s annual freezing and thawing processes that damage improperly installed walks and patios. We are constantly looking for ways to learn and improve our installation practices and because of that desire, we are certified and licensed ICPI and NCMA installers.

Pavers aren’t just for entertaining spaces but can also be functional and aesthetically pleasing as driveways or walkways as well. Our paver and stone patios, walks, and driveways make your outdoor living area exciting and attractive. Low maintenance and high value make these choices a great investment for your home. Let us help you impress your family, friends and neighbors with a sturdy and functional area using Belgard or Romanstone Pavers. 

This is where we really get to bring some creativity to your new backyard patios! Envisioning Green can use multiple types, styles, textures, and colors of pavers to make your space truly unique.

Similar to backyard patios design is that of entryways and driveways. Envisioning Green can help you create a perfect entryway to represent your home and family.

There are several creative and functional ways we can help you access the different levels of your backyard. At Envisioning Green we install a lot of steps! One of our favorites is our different natural stone steps. They average 5-7” tall and are usually about 3’ wide while having varying lengths and widths.

Budgets For Backyard Patio


A small but elegantly designed paver patio space that will include a footprint for a 5-person dining table.


A larger paver patio space that will have a large enough footprint for a 7-person dining table and some lounging furniture or space for a firepit.


Our largest paver patio that will include a footprint for dining as well as possibly multiple seating & lounging areas, heights, features, borders, and more.

Budgets For Front or Side Walkway


Natural stepping stones for a casual yet elegant walkway connecting the front and back yards.


Larger paver walkway with no steps.

Front or Side Walkway


Extensive natural or paver walkway with steps to ease the transition to different gradations with a possibility of multiple natural stone steps.

Budgets For Steps/Stairs

Steps and Stairs


Short run of several steps for easier transitions between levels.

Steps and Stairs


Five to seven steps to aid with safe negotiation of slopes in landscape beds or between hardscaped areas.

Steps and Stairs


Approximately a dozen or so steps, perfect for houses with daylight basements or properties with larger slopes.

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Paver FAQs & Myths

Clay pavers are made with real clay that is mixed, extruded and baked in a kiln at very high temperatures and concrete pavers are made with a special blend of concrete and coloring that is compacted at very high pressures in a special machine. 

There is very little difference between pavers in general. The important difference is the maker of the pavers. Paving materials can vary from one manufacturer to next. The qualities that make a paver perfect are its compressive strength, water absorption rate and abrasion index. 

No, that is one of the long term benefits to installing Flexible paving. Because all interlocking paving is flexible it can also resist cracking. This is especially beneficial in California which has very expansive soils. 

Interlocking paving is a misleading term. What actually constitutes interlocking is really a dynamic function containing three different components. They are “rotational interlock” (resistance to tipping) “horizontal interlock” (resistance to spreading) “vertical interlock (resistance to sinking)”. So, that means for lasting quality you need good containment, good sub base and proper paver thickness. Thicker pavers for driveways thinner pavers for patios. 

Yes, it protects it from leaky cars that might leave oil stains and it stays cleaner for much longer if you seal it right away before it has a chance to get stained. Remember when it’s sealed it only takes a hose to clean it off. We use breathable type sealers that protect against just about anything. 

In most situations faded concrete can be renewed by recoloring it using various Tints & Stains.

Belgard pavers installed by an Authorized Belgard Contractor have a cost similar to stamped concrete. Landscaping, unlike drapes and other expensive interior additions, can add on average of 15% to your homes’ value in curb appeal alone. Belgard Pavers include a lifetime warranty, easy repair, and a valuable unique look.

Belgard Pavers are actually 3 times stronger than concrete. Belgard Pavers are even used on airport taxi runways and rail box car storage because they are so much stronger and durable than concrete.

The life expectancy of Belgard Pavers is 40 years with little to NO maintenance if installed by an Authorized Belgard Contractor. The professional installation includes a warranty which is in effect for as long as you own the home.

Belgard Pavers Authorized Contractors include a 5 year warranty for their base work. If a base is installed properly the first time, it is unusual for it to shift much over the lifetime of the pavers. In the event that some shifting does occur, pavers can be easily repaired since they are set in a mortar less system.

Pavers laid by an Authorized Belgard Contractor can be cleared of snow with a regular plow or snow blade as the surface will be even. Belgard Concrete Pavers have salt tolerances that make them hold up better than concrete. Snow will melt faster because it can breathe through the joints of the pavers. Water will also drain down so it will be less likely to be slick.

Pavers are actually suited much better than concrete in freeze and thaw since they are flexible like asphalt. In Canada and many European countries that have a similar climate they use little to no concrete since it will crack in freeze thaw climates.

Pavers around pools are no hotter on the feet than stamped or regular concrete and actually provide a much more slip resistant surface. Pavers allow drainage and some even have a textured surface on top that can be an added safety benefit.

Polymeric sand, which takes the place of regular sand has glue in the mix and will not allow weeds, insects or wash-out of sand from between the joints.

Many Authorized Belgard Paver Contractors will do small repairs at no charge if the issue is due to their installation. Patterns are usually very easy to follow and you can simply reuse the same pavers. It is actually much simpler than concrete since it is a mortar less system.

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