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Our Mission Statement

People want a space they can be proud of to share with their family & friends. When these people call us, we make sure that’s what they get.

Steven & Erika

Steven and Erika, husband and wife duo, are putting their heads together to make sure that your space comes together exactly how you want it to. Married in March 2014, they have devoted much of their time and energy into making sure that they can do what they love, making their clients happy.

Steven started Envisioning Green (then known as Steven’s Lawn & Landscape) at the age of 12 being pulled behind his mom’s mini van with his mower to each of his clients’ houses. How far this company has come! He lives and breathes this work and couldn’t see himself doing anything else. He obtained an Associates in Science and one in Horticulture (specializing in landscape design & turf management) and since then has gone on to achieve his Concrete Paver Installer certification, obtained an NCMA certification, and does frequent Continuing Education through our industry and others. Envisioning Green, as well as Steven, has been recognized in several publications. In his spare time, Steven likes to fly fish, volunteer in the media department at their church, and work at making their house into a home.



Erika has been a part of Envisioning Green since July 2013 but has started full time since graduating with her Bachelors in Nursing in May of 2014. She is constantly listening to webinars, podcasts, and audiobooks to help hone our business practices and has received her Concrete Paver Installer certification as well. Erika helps to ensure that things run smoothly. She is also the face behind the computer screen, handling all of our social media accounts, and also designing and executing much of our marketing materials. In her spare time, Erika loves to host parties and plan events at our office, is a worship leader at their church, and play with her and Steven’s four rescue dogs.

The Real Bosses of Envisioning Green

Credentials Proudly Held By Our Company or Team Members

  • Members of National Association of Landscape Professionals
  • Members of ILCA (Illinois Landscape Contractors Assoc.)
  • Completed Certifications from ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)
  • Completed Certifications from NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Assoc.)
  • Completed Certifications from Versa-lok SRW (Segmented Retaining Wall)
  • Completed Certifications from Kichler Low Voltage LED Lighting
  • Completed Certifications from Techniseal
  • Belgard Authorized Contractors
  • Completed Unilock Paver and Wall Training Courses

At the age of twelve, Steven Johns started a small lawn mowing business to earn a little extra money. At the time, his territory extended magnificently a few houses down from his own. With a push mower by his side, Steven would sometimes sit in the trunk of his mother’s red van as she drove him to the first house on his “route”. As the years passed, his hard work and devotion to enhancing Earth’s wondrous landscapes only intensified. Steven’s meticulous nature created fame throughout his neighborhood and his territory soon began to branch out from his family friendly subdivision to the entire community.

Throughout high school, Steven negotiated his way out of school earlier in the day to go complete his daily route. He would do so until late in the evening and then start over the next day. With faith in Steven’s entrepreneurship, his mother and her friend, Terry, bought him his first magnetic business sign for his truck door.

Upon graduating from high school, Steven continued to work and do all other aspects of his business in addition to night school at Southwestern Illinois College (from 2006 to 2008). This is where he eagerly studied horticulture, landscape design, and turf management. At this time, he was also extensively educated on various types of plants. The school of hard knocks has taught him the rest.

During his time at SWIC, Envisioning Green was known as Steven’s Lawn and Landscape Design (FUN FACT: The company motto back then was – “If your grass gets uneven, just call Steven!”). About the same time as he graduated from SWIC, Steven’s Lawn and Landscape Design was incorporated as Green Services, Inc. (January 2008) and the d/b/a of Envisioning Green was official as of December 2008. Up until this point, Steven’s Lawn and Landscape (now Envisioning Green) was operated out of Steven’s home in Alton. And in 2009, the home operated business outgrew its first location and a warehouse was rented on Humbert Road in Alton. Those 2 places were where Envisioning Green began to spread its wings and will always hold a special place in our hearts as business owners.

2011 was a big year for changes for Envisioning Green as the 10 acres we now know as home were acquired and the building was started. Little known fact is that Steven, his dad, and a few employees did most of the work on the building (the only thing that was hired out was the building itself and its concrete footings). This included digging the lake, all of the wiring, the drywall, and most other things as well. The team finally moved in in October 2011 and it has been a whirlwind of growth ever since! Since the original building was built, we have added 5 more offices, 2 building additions, 7 new desks, countless new displays, and many new clients and employees.

Erika joined the team in July 2013 and Steven and Erika have been an inseparable team ever since. They are each other’s balance and have helped each other grow as leaders and will continue to do so.  They believe that you are only as strong as your weakest team member and invest time and money in not only training and educating themselves but their whole team as well. From the Green Industry Expo, to mortgage and insurance education, to bringing in speakers on Leadership, they want to help their employees not just be better team members but better people in general.

The whole team at Envisioning Green strives to create the ultimate client experience from beginning to end and is always adapting and learning with each client they encounter. From the initial phone call, to the design appointment, to the project itself, our goal is to make the experience seamless and painless. That being said, we always encourage feedback (both positive and negative) from our clients. Both of those things are what help us learn and grow in our services.

Envisioning Green continues to advance in every area of our services. Our passion for our customers and community is paramount. With the help of family, friends, and amazing employees, Envisioning Green has become one of the leading landscape construction companies in the St. Louis area. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the team and to see what we get to add to our story next, we hope it includes you as our client!

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