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Ever wonder what products Envisioning Green offers with our outdoor spaces? You’re in luck! This page is dedicated to keeping our clients up to date on the new products that Envisioning Green has to offer to compliment your project and make your backyard dreams a reality. We have handpicked and chosen to work with vendors that are high quality and at a a competitive price that will make your space enjoyable for years to come. Choose from the menu below to see our product options:

Tribeca Cobble

AngilinaPaver_beauty001_0Unilock Tribeca Cobble are High Quality Pavers in Marvyille or Troy

The dimensional accuracy of Tribeca Cobble gives this product a significant advantage of the imported granite cobble stones that have been used in North America’s streets for centuries. Granite, marble and quartz particles give Tribeca Cobble its unique surface appearance. Ideal for driveways or traffic calming vehicular applications, Tribeca Cobble can be installed traditionally or on a permeable base to allow water to flow through.

Finished Projects

Available in:

30.5 CM x 13 CM x 7 CM
12" x 5.125" x 2.75"


Available in:

23 CM x 13 CM x 7 CM
9" x 5.125" x 2.75"


Available in:

17.5 CM x 13 CM x 7 CM
6.875" x 5.125" x 2.75"

Tribeca Cobble Cobalt Grey

Tribeca Cobble Cobalt Grey

Tribeca Cobble Peppered Granite

Tribeca Cobble Peppered Granite

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