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Permeable Pavers

Permeable Paver Experts in St. Louis, Maryville, and Glen Carbon

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in requests for permeable pavers in the St. Louis metro area. If you know our company, you know our love for pavers in general so when we got the opportunity to install permeable pavers which are both beautiful AND great for the environment, we jumped at the chance. Permeable pavers are still something that many people don’t know about so let’s talk about some of the benefits of permeable pavers.

First, let’s talk about the benefits of Permeable Pavers:

Good for the Environment (and the Natural Rain Cycle)
Unlike with traditional paver installation which use a material called poly sand (that firms up to more resemble mortar), permeable paver installation has joints filled with tiny stones which allows water to seep through, through the open grade gravel base and into the dirt. Since water flows through the paver joints and into the earth rather than running off the sides, this helps to promote the natural water cycle. The natural water cycle is when the water penetrates the earth, feeds the soil and plants of the area, and then evaporates into the atmosphere to start all over again.

In addition to the benefit of the natural rain cycle, permeable pavers also helps to replenish the groundwater. As mentioned above, with traditional pavers (or concrete), the rain water will run off typically into a drain or storm drain and is ushered away from the area where the pavers are placed. This eventually makes way to a stream or river. When the water is absorbed through the pavers and into the ground below it, it slowly seeps back into the local groundwater in the area.

Yet another benefit to the environment is the water filtration that the permeable pavers provide. Gas and oil particles are physically trapped in the pavement/rock and the soil which prevents it from entering the ground water. Additionally, microbes and bacteria often grow underneath the pavers which helps to breakdown pollutants before they enter the groundwater. We don’t know about you but anything that we can do to diminish the pollutants in our water is a win for us!


Unlike concrete, pavers are great for areas that have variable freeze and thaw cycles. Since there are joints between the pavers, that gives them the flexibility to withstand the different temperatures. They are also perfect for high traffic areas and are so strong that they can hold a dump truck and not crack! With new construction (even with commercial applications), you will see an increase in the use of permeable pavers (and pavers in general) as developers realize just how durable of a material they are. If you look at streets in Europe (and in older cities in the US), you’ll notice that many of them are pavers and that they’ve lasted for years and years and they’re making a comeback in new construction as well!

Helps with Erosion Control
We’ve witnessed a lot of people that get patios installed by other companies and then have an issue with water eroding the land around it since there wasn’t proper drainage installed with it. With permeable pavers, this isn’t an issue. Since the water soaks through the pavers rather than running off of it, there is a much better management of the water in a more natural way. In many instances, installing a permeable paver patio (walkway or driveway) can help eliminate the need for a drain to be installed with the patio which is an added cost.

Like traditional pavers, permeable pavers can add a level of style and curb appeal to any home. When they are picked and installed properly, they can stand the test of time for you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors to enjoy for years to come!

Partner with a Professional to Install Your Permeable Pavers
If you’re looking to add a patio, walkway, or driveway to your home or business, we hope that you’ll consider using permeable pavers and that you’ll partner with a professional when doing so! By using an expert, you’ll have a sustainable and long-lasting space for you to enjoy for years to come. Enhance the aesthetics of your home AND help the environment of your St. Louis metro or Edwardsville, IL area home today and get your consultation with one of the permeable paver experts on our team! We’d love the opportunity to work with you!

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