9 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Autumn Nights

Are you dreaming of cozy autumn nights tucked around the firepit? Drinking hot cocoa, roasting marshmallows, and watching the leaves fall in your outdoor oasis? What about carving pumpkins and hosting Halloween parties? All year long we look forward to enjoying our outdoor space during the fall season, and the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming ambiance is to ensure you have the perfect lighting for those brisk nights.

Here are some of our favorite lighting ideas to help turn your outdoor living space into your perfect escape. 


1. String and Lantern Lights 

The first lighting idea on our list are lantern and string lights. Twinkle string lights are perfect for adding light above, on places like your trees, rooftop, gazebo, and more. Meanwhile, hidden lanterns on the ground will illuminate those dark corners. String and lantern lights are ideal in patio areas or other gathering spaces where soft light is more favorable. 

2. Underwater Lights 

Underwater lights are a great option if the focal point of your outdoor space is a pool or a garden pond. Although your guests may not be swimming in the cooler months, they will surely appreciate the visual flair. Brass-integrated LED lights will do the trick, giving your pool area a soft glow, or a themed color for parties. 

3. Tree Lights 

Many homeowners incorporate trees and shrubs into their landscaping projects. So, why not enhance their natural beauty with tree lights? Whether you want to bring attention to your beautiful greenery or creatively provide more light, tree lights are a great option. 

4. Under Bench Lights 

If you have permanent seating in your outdoor living space, like a built-in stone bench, these lights can help your guests find their seats while enhancing your outdoor space. Under bench lights also provide more visibility, which is incredibly convenient before lighting your fire pit. Ensure the lights are below eye level to avoid them being distracting. 

You can also add lighting to the seating walls. This lighting works best as tiny light sources tucked just under a ledge. While you’ll barely notice them during the day, they shine brightly at night. 

5. Pathway Lighting 

Another way to increase visibility and safety is by installing pathway lighting. These fixtures will illuminate different pathways throughout your yard. For example, they can light a path that’ll help navigate your guests to the bathroom, a way to the garden, one back to the driveway, etc. 

6. Paver Lights 

Paver light inserts are a great option if you want pathway lights that blend in more easily. In addition, low-voltage lights will give your guests extra visibility without being too overwhelming to the eye. If you love doing DIY projects, then this could be the perfect project for you. First, drill a hole into your stepping stone or paver stone using a 3/8-inch diamond bit. Afterward, gently place a mini puck light inside the drilled hole. 

7. Fence Lights 

Fences are another excellent area for lighting installments. Fences with a lighter wood color will benefit from white-colored lights. In addition, many homeowners use larger light bulbs that rest at their eye level for better visibility. Fence lights are a great option when you cannot hang lights from a tall structure. 

8. Tiki Torches 

While some homeowners overlook tiki torches, they can be a great way to light up your yard, and even add a whimsical touch to your next gathering. In addition, you can set up your tiki torches virtually anywhere, making them a versatile option. As an added bonus, tiki torches help keep nasty bugs away. 

9. Themed Lights 

Glowing pumpkins or spooky light-up ghosts or vampires around Halloween will help your outdoor space feel festive. The opportunities are endless when it comes to spooky season, you can transform your backyard into a haunted garden or a pumpkin carving station – all with the right lighting.


Make this season one to remember. 

If DIY is not your thing and you are looking for a professional team to transform your outdoor living space, Envisioning Green can help. We also offer several landscaping services, including outdoor lighting design and installation. To discover more great lighting ideas, call Envisioning Green at (618) 307-6677 for a free consultation! 


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