Designing Your Backyard Patio

Have you ever wondered how to design your backyard patio so that you have fun all summer long? To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of tips to start you off. 

If you feel you’re better off playing a supervisory role rather than an active one, we’re here to help you with any home improvement project you can envision. 

How to Design Your Backyard Patio Quickly and Efficiently

Home designing in any area means asking yourself questions, such as, “What is my ultimate goal?” or “What look do I want to achieve?” Even if you’re relatively new to the home improvement game, you’ll discover those questions pile up quickly.  

The Envisioning Green team is here to make things easier for you. We began by listing some essential questions to ask before you learn how to design your backyard patio or start work.

How Do I Design My Patio Layout?  

Your first design question centers on how you wish to use the new outdoor living space. Will you be enjoying quiet sunsets with your spouse or turning it into an all-out entertainment area? 

You may require a small set of garden furniture and little else with the former. You might want a table and several seats or a sofa on your patio with the latter. You might also consider allocating larger areas to allow for dance space and party games. 

Ideally, you should leave three feet between each piece to avoid leaving the paver patio cluttered. 

Finally, ask yourself whether it’s wise to install a safety railing around the edge of your backyard patio so that guests don’t tumble off it. 

What Patio Design Ideas Did I Have in Mind? 

A paver patio will match almost every style and should never go out of fashion. However, you may have some slightly more unique patio design ideas, which will work well. The sky’s the limit on design in this respect because there are many options from which to choose, including: 

  • Rustic
  • Modern
  • Traditional 
  • Retro
  • Elegant

How do you feel about the options? Envisioning Green is just a phone call away if you need advice from our expert team. 

What Is the Right Size for Your Patio? 

The answer depends on how many people you will entertain and the size of your yard. Most designers work around 25 square feet of space per guest. By this logic, if you wish to host six people comfortably, you need a backyard patio of at least 150 square feet. 

What Usage Zones Are You Envisioning? 

When building a large patio for entertaining, how do you ensure it isn’t overwhelming on those romantic evenings? The simple answer is to create a series of zones. 

These might include:  

  •     Open space for guests to mingle at
  •     A comfortable seated area 
  •     A bar area for quick sit-downs
  •     The barbeque zone
  •     A shaded seating area for when the sun is hot

You can accomplish this zoning by simply arranging the space with different furniture. However, for a more formal look, consider changing the pattern on the floor or enlisting a multi-level design to add dynamic elements to your outdoor living space.

Where Do You Place Your Patio? 

Home designing typically centers on one major issue: correct placement. Placing your patio perfectly scores you points that can make up for not using the most expensive materials. So, how do you work out where the best spot is? 

Consider the following: 

  •     Usage: How do you envision using your patio? If you wish to sunbathe, you need a spot that catches the best light. If shade is more your thing, you may consider installing a shade structure. 
  •     Aesthetics: Where will it look best in your space? You can dump almost any structure in virtually any location. However, give a thought to the aesthetics. Will this placement fit the overall flow of your backyard, or will it seem disruptive?  
  •     Privacy: Can your nosy neighbors look down onto your patio? You might want more privacy, especially for those romantic evenings with your significant other outside. 

What Materials Will You Use? 

It’s at this stage that most people feel overwhelmed. There are so many materials to choose from that it can be challenging to narrow it down to the top options. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Instead of getting caught up in the minutiae, contact Envisioning Green at (618) 307-6677. Our team will walk you through how to design your backyard patio and help you bring your vision to life. See our inspiration gallery here for more ideas. 


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