Elements of an Outdoor Oasis

You’ve probably been on vacation at this point in your life but have you ever had a staycation? If you have, is your backyard vacation-worthy? That would make a staycation even sweeter! With a few well-utilized elements, you can have your own oasis just a step out your back door. No traffic, no airports, no delayed flights or missed connections, what could be better?

Let’s take a look at important outdoor oasis elements in your St. Louis Metro East landscape.

OASIS ELEMENT #1 – Privacy

Whether you have neighbors that can see into your backyard or not, part of an oasis is having it all to yourself when you want to or to not have people looking in when you’re enjoying time with your family and friends (even if it’s just when they drive by).

There are so many options to provide a private space in your backyard oasis. Privacy fences are a common thing that people install in order to gain privacy (hence the name privacy fence). There are other options such as trees, lattice, carefully placed fireplaces, etc. that will also give you some privacy in your space. A landscape designer can help you decide which type of privacy is right for your family!

OASIS ELEMENT #2 – Focal Point

You’ll want a spot in your outdoor oasis that draws people or at least draws there eye. There are so many options for a focal point that it’s purely up to your wants and needs. You could utilize a beautiful water feature to draw the eye. You could have an outdoor kitchen with plenty of room to stand around to draw people. A fire feature or fireplace is also a great gathering space. We’ve also seen the focal point being a beautiful landscaping bed or tree. Whatever makes you happy to look at or gather around is the perfect focal point for your outdoor oasis!

OASIS ELEMENT #3 – Space for Entertaining

Space for entertaining is always relative to how you like to entertain. Are you more of an intimate dinner party entertainer? You may want to make sure that you have patio space for an outdoor table and chairs (or have one built out of natural stone). Do you LOVE a good cookout and to gather around the grill or wood-fired oven? Then an outdoor kitchen with a large bar area for people to congregate may be what you entertaining space needs. Do you always have huge parties? You may need multiple spaces and lots of patio space in order to hold all your guests. There is no wrong answer when it comes to entertaining space. What you need the space for is the right answer!

OASIS ELEMENT #4 – Different Elements (Fire/Water/Plants)

Imagine that, a big element of an outdoor oasis is different elements! If you can utilize things such as fire, water, or lush plants then you can really have that vacation feeling in your backyard. The element that we most often utilize in outdoor spaces is fire. Between fireplaces and firepits, gas and woodburning, tiki torches, and more, there’s plenty of options to make sure that you get to use your space for longer periods throughout the year. When it comes to water, a pool or water feature is always a great option! As far as plants go, you’ll want to make sure that the type of plants you’re using will be good for the level of shade or sun where you’re going to plant them, are right for your climate, and that they’ll look great too! Does this seem overwhelming? No problem, that’s where an experienced landscape designer comes in!

OASIS ELEMENT #5 – Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element in your outdoor oasis because it allows you to use your space for more hours of the day! It adds to the ambiance of your space and also adds a level of safety to your yard as a whole. Don’t limit yourself to enjoying your oasis only in the daytime by adding different lighting elements such as string lights, path lights, or spotlights to your space!

You can also add drama to your landscape or focal point using lighting. The sky is the limit!

Trust our expert Landscape Designers at Envisioning Green to help you create your backyard oasis!

Make every day seem like a vacation when you enjoy your beautiful backyard oasis designed and installed by our team at Envisioning Green. We’ll make sure that the process is smooth from start to finish and that you’ll be able to spend time in your backyard for years to come! Give us a call today to set up your consultation at 618-307-6677 or fill out our consultation request form by CLICKING HERE.

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