4 Outdoor Kitchen Features You Didn’t Know You Needed This Spring


Are you dreaming of warm weather and outdoor BBQs? The warm weather and beaming sun of Spring give us the opportunity for many activities that are simply not possible during the winter, including cooking outdoors.

If you are thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen for the Spring & Summer or thinking of an upgrade but are not sure what to include, then look no further. Our guide showcases four of the top outdoor kitchen features that will help light up your backyard BBQs.

  • Install a Griddle

When you are planning your outdoor kitchen, your focus should always be on the type of meals that you’re going to be making in that area. If you are going to do more than your basic grilling, then you may want to include a griddle with your outdoor kitchen. You can make breakfast, grilled cheese, use it as a hibachi, and much more!

One of the many benefits of having a griddle is the additional cooking options so you don’t have to keep making trips back and forth from inside your home. This creates a safer experience, so you can keep your eyes on everything that you’re cooking.

  • Keep Things Cool with a Refrigerator

When most people start building their outdoor kitchen, they often overlook a fridge as they likely already have one in their main cooking area. However, we highly recommend adding a refrigerator to your outdoor living area as well.

Having to walk back and forth to your indoor kitchen can be extremely tedious and time consuming while you are trying to prepare a meal. In addition to this, having cold drinks ready to go when you’re entertaining can help to create a better BBQ experience for you and your guests.

  • Make Sure You have Plenty of Counter Space

Going back to what kinds of meals or entertaining you’re doing, make sure that you have counter space to handle it all. Just like a kitchen inside of a home, we find that guests tend to flock to the space where food is being prepared. Make sure that you have enough room for guests or family to gather as well as room to prep your food.

  • Utilize a Trash Drawer

As you dream up your outdoor kitchen for the spring, we highly recommend that you consider adding a trash drawer. Built-in trash drawers and recycling drawers give you a place to discreetly put away your trash so that it’s not cluttering your outdoor area. Whether it’s tucked away inside a cabinet or in a pull-out drawer, having a solution for trash storage can help keep your space tidy and clean.

Envisioning Green Delivers High-Quality Outdoor Kitchen Features

At Envisioning Green, we believe that your outdoor space is a natural extension of your home and that the beauty of a home should not stop at the front door.

We have extensive experience in designing outdoor kitchens that turn cooking from a chore to an experience that you will never forget. If you are interested in how an outdoor kitchen can transform your backyard, create better BBQs, and boost the value of your home, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at 618-307-6677 or by visiting https://www.envisioninggreen.com/index.php.


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