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What Makes the Big Green Egg so Great?

For years, we have been hearing about the “magic” that is the Big Green Egg. We’ve heard about the loyal following that they’ve brought together in the form of their “EGGheads” and anyone that we know that has one has almost immediately been sucked in to how great they are. So we had to find out for ourselves, before we could put them in any of our outdoor kitchens, what makes the Big Green Egg so great! They may be a bit more expensive up front than other entry level grills but with the following they have and the longevity the company has already seen, they are arguably one of the best grills on the market in terms of food flavor and versatility. If you’re anything like us, the ease of use and the delicious food will mean less money spent on going out to eat or ordering take out which makes the EGG one of the more affordable outdoor appliances on the market. Being the high-end company that we are we won’t sell products (and definitely won’t sell very many of them) without trying one ourselves first and I am so glad we did! Between our Large Green Egg at home and the X-Large EGG at our Design Center, we have cooked up enough amazing food to be sold on them! Once you experience food from a Big Green Egg (no matter your level of barbecue experience), you won’t want to cook on anything else!

Enough of my personal recommendation though (I’m already drooling just thinking about the great food) and on to the facts that go into making the Big Green Egg so great! You can’t go wrong with the Porcelain Glazed Ceramic Construction, the Precise Temperature Control, the Versatility, the Ease of Use, and so much more! Read on for a little more information on each EGGcellent perk!

  • Porcelain Glazed Ceramic Construction – The advanced ceramic material of the Big Green Egg is perfect for retaining moisture and heat within the grill. This is a big part of what makes the EGG so great! Without the high quality materials with the longevity of the Big Green Egg name to back it up, the cooking ability of the EGG wouldn’t be what it is. The ceramic helps keep the moisture in the food for succulent meats and food. This construction also makes for a product that lasts and lasts.
  • Versatility – You can’t beat the versatility of the Big Green Egg! We have cooked so many things, including pizza, in ours and we have been impressed by every single thing. With the EGG, you have the ability to smoke and grill. There are other outdoor appliances on the market that can do both but none do it as well as the EGG. With the addition of the convEGGtor (one of the EGGcessories mentioned later), there is added uniform heat distribution which means you can even bake breads and desserts! Additionally, with the various sizes of the Egg, you can cook for a single person up to a large party. There are a total of 7 sizes, I already mentioned that we have the large at home and the X-Large at the office but we’ve seen all of the sizes and I would say that the Medium & the Mini-Max are the next most popular! The Mini-Max is ideal for tailgating and camping with its portable size and included stand with handles. The Medium is a good size for smaller families or couples and can still cook plenty of food all at once! Our website has a good breakdown of each of the sizes and their specifications as well as what you can cook on it at once! Check it out here!
  • Precise Temperature Control – This is the thing that we love most about the Big Green Egg! Since the ceramic material holds heat so well, you can keep the EGG at the perfect temperature for just about any food or recipe. The trick with the EGG is, don’t open it once it’s cooking (unless you have to apply a baste or something). Constantly checking to see if the food is done is now obsolete since the temperature is so regulated. The top and bottom vents can be used to adjust and control the temperature, humidity, and the smoke concentrations instead of opening the lid. You know what else the precise control means? Less chance for burning which means less burnt food. If you’re like me and aren’t the best at grilling, this is a definite perk! This also means less money spent on ordering takeout when you ruin dinner. Also, with the temperature control, you will use less charcoal! This means less money spent on charcoal and more available for the food that you want to cook! It’s also easy to extinguish the coals by closing the dampers (the door on the bottom/front of the EGG and the round vent on the top). This helps preserve the leftover coals for less waste!
  • Easy to Start & Use – The shape of the Big Green Egg allows it to act like a chimney which intensifies the heat and also retains and maintains it perfectly. When starting the charcoal, it is protected from the elements which allows it to start efficiently and get to full heat quickly. Definitely don’t underestimate just how quickly it will heat up and don’t leave it unattended while it’s doing so. Like I said before, the temperature control makes use and cooking in the EGG even easier by leaving less of the cooking to experimentation. If you’re like me and need to follow a recipe, you know exactly what you’re cooking at and that you are indeed following that recipe!
  • Safety – Going back to the ceramic construction of the Big Green Egg (yes, again), this keeps the surface of the Big Green Egg relatively cool even when cooking at full heat. This helps the grill be safer around children and pets than metal grills that get very hot on the outside. Of course, you still want to use extreme caution when children and pets are involved but it is nice to have a little peace of mind in regards to the heat. Also, with the longevity of the Big Green Egg as a company, you know they have years of research and experience to back up their product which they take into consideration during their construction.
  • EGGcessories – There are so many wonderful accessories (sorry, EGGcessories) for the Big Green Egg. You’re definitely going to want the ConvEGGtor which distributes heat even more evenly for even better cooking in the EGG (I didn’t even think that was possible). Additionally, the only EGG that comes with a stand is the Mini Max and that’s the right height for a table top. We recommend a custom kitchen to house your EGG but there are obviously other options such as the Nest as well. We would also highly recommend the ash sweeper tool and pan which is perfect for when you have to clean out your EGG. You can also get different EGGcessories such as the pizza stone, perfect for homemade pizza or even tossing a quick frozen one on the EGG for a quick weeknight dinner. YUM! Additionally, there are grill grate grippers, pizza cutters, roasting racks, roasting baskets, jalapeno popper holders, fire starters, and so much more! There are so many opportunities when it comes to a Big Green Egg and it’s EGGcessories!

We might be a little biased but we think the Big Green Egg is a great investment for anyone who likes to cook outside. No matter what your taste in food is, you can probably cook it on the EGG! With the EGG’s ceramic material, its precise temperature control, and its versatility it is easily one of the best outdoor cooking appliances on the market and would be the perfect addition to any patio or deck. Read below for some extra tips when using your Big Green Egg and don’t hesitate to call us if you ever have any questions or are interested in purchasing one. Also, if you want to see our Big Green Egg in action, consider this our personal invitation to our Open House at our Design Center in Caseyville, IL on May 20th, 2017 from 11 AM to 8 PM. Click here for more information!

Extra Tips:

  • Don’t leave the dome open or the vent cap off the dome when your EGG is not in use. You really need to keep the rain and moisture out of your EGG.
  • Never use lighter fluid in an EGG because it will be absorbed into the ceramics and will permanently contaminate your EGG and taint the flavor of your food.
  • Keep your charcoal dry, it will burn if it’s wet but will be more difficult to light. If you are using leftover coal in the EGG, it may have absorbed some moisture so you should mix in about 50% new (dry) charcoal to ensure fast lighting.
  • Don’t stoke the coals once lit, the EGG is designed to burn the charcoal uniformly and is best left undisturbed once lit.
  • Soak your wood chips, chunks, or cooking planks before use which intensifies flavor and avoids unwanted burning of the wood. You can soak them in water or you can use wine or different juices for different flavors.

Even with the how safe the EGG is, here are a few extra safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Periodically inspect all fasteners for tightness, especially after the first few uses and a couple times a year.
  • Always cook with the domed lid closed. By leaving the dome open, you will accelerate the flame and temperature that will not only be detrimental to proper cooking but can be dangerous if left unattended. Like I talked about before, when checking or removing food, you will prevent heat loss by minimizing the time you have the dome opened.
    • REMEMBER: “If you’re looking, you’re not cooking!”
  • Use caution and always vent or burp a hot EGG before opening fully when at high temperatures (over 400 degrees Fahrenheit).
    • “Burping” the EGG is slowly cracking the dome only slightly a few times, allowing air to safely enter and preventing flare-ups or a flash of heat that may burn you.
  • Always use protective, heat proof gloves when handling hot ceramics or cooking surfaces.
  • Periodically check the area directly below the EGG to ensure that over time there is no deterioration on the surface under the EGG due to heat transfer.

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