Merry Christmas from Envisioning Green!

Envisioning Green Our Team

How is it already the holidays? 2016 has been a year of learning and growth, of trials and laughs, and most of all the opportunity to serve some amazing clients. Every year, we look back at our accomplishments and this year there are almost too many to name. We have built a new addition on our building, completed countless projects for clients, completed an outstanding maintenance season for clients, attended two business conferences, and so much more. We wouldn’t be anywhere today without our clients but also our team. We have the best team of people around and are so grateful for their loyalty and hard work. This time of year it is easy to remember how blessed we are but our prayer for ourselves and for you as well is that the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.

And now here are a few outtakes from our photshoot, a good group photo like this doesn’t just happen!

Thank you for being a part of our lives!

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