6 Keys to Having the Best Front Yard in Your Neighborhood

Do you ever wish that your house was the envy of the neighborhood? That people drove by just to see your landscaping? Well, with the help of this blog and a well-planned design, this could happen! Planning out your landscaping can not only make your life easier with less maintenance and make your home look beautiful but it can increase your property’s value which would lead to your home selling quicker than you can imagine when it’s that time! Whether this is your forever home or your for now home, a thought out front yard is a must!

  • Make sure that you think about the short term as well as the long term. While planting a bunch of small plants close together may look good now, in a few years that might not be the case. If the plants that you are planting grow wide and tall, your front landscape may look like a jungle (albeit, a really pretty jungle) in a few years. Having a good variety of plants that maintain their shape and size are one of the keys to having a lasting landscape. Also, having a variety of plants that will bloom and different times throughout the year as well as having repeat bloomers who will bloom throughout the year such as Bloomathon Azaleas. There are even plants that have colored stems to maintain color throughout the winter, evergreens are a good option for that as well.
  • Plant low-maintenance plants if landscaping isn’t your thing. We get it, not everyone has what they call a “green thumb” so when designing your new landscaping, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the maintenance you will have moving forward. While we would suggest leaving your landscaping (and its maintenance) to the professionals, some people don’t want to do that (and some don’t know that that’s an option). If you’re going to do it yourself, do your research so that you can enjoy all the beauty of your landscaping without all the work.
  • A greener lawn means more curb appeal. Fixing your lawn can be one of the easiest things you can do to boost your home. It is often the first thing people see when they pull up and it can become unsightly when not taken care of correctly! Whether you choose to hire a lawn care company (we know a good one, hint hint) or do it yourself, be sure to apply the proper treatments at the right time in the right conditions for weed control, fertilizer, insect control, and disease control to remedy problems. While a lawn care professional will know these things from treating other lawns in your area as well as training, doing it yourself may require a little more effort and trial and error. For a thicker lawn, we recommend aeration and overseeding. Want to start from scratch but don’t want to wait? We recommend sod for an instant pick me up (or as we call it instant “grass”ification) to your front lawn. Obviously this needs to be watered correctly to make sure that it establishes itself but it will look gorgeous faster than the traditional seeding route.
  • What adds security AND beauty to your home? That would be professional grade landscape lighting. If your home is well-lit, it will deter criminals from your home (although it may bring in trick-or-treaters, not sure how you feel about that). Also, with the LED lighting systems that are available nowadays, they are a perfect upgrade to any home without all the upkeep that the older incandescent systems require. The bulbs have to be changed out less often and they also draw less power! Less money on your power bill than the past incandescent systems as well as last money in the long haul on bulbs. There’s a lot of different lighting techniques (like uplighting) that can feature your favorite elements of your landscape or home.
  • Add an extra bit of umph to your home with a hardscape element like a paver sidewalk, water feature, natural stone brick line, or a retaining wall. There are so many options, the element can really just enhance the look of your home. We have personally installed so many styles of front landscapes, it’s incredible! One of our favorite style themes is what we call “Colorado style” which is lots of evergreens, natural stone (boulders and brick lines), and river rock. It really adds to the home without being overbearing. Whatever your style is, there is a hardscaping element to go along with it!
  • Create a landscape maintenance plan. Now that you’ve done all this hard work on your front yard, you don’t want to let all that hard work go to waste. A lawn maintenance professional will always have a plan in place on how to keep your lawn and landscaping looking its best and, if you’re going to do it yourself, we’d recommend for you to have one too. Weeds and overgrowth can happen quickly so it’s best to stay on top of them and practice prevention when you can in order to have your home looking in tip top shape year round.

As always, we recommend leaving it to the professionals but if you have a green thumb and are all about DIY, our advice is this: ALWAYS do your research. We get it, making your landscaping look great is hard work so make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Work smarter not harder. If you want any help with any of the things above or with any of our other services, call Lindsey in the office today at 618-307-6677 or click here to send in a consultation request!


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