What is a Good Size for a Backyard Court?

A lot of kids (and some adults) dream of having a court in their backyard. Whether the sport is basketball, tennis, pickleball, a batting cage, or something else, there are endless possibilities to be had with your own backyard court. You’ll be the coolest house on the block where all the kids (and your friends) will want to hang out and isn’t that every parent’s (or sports fanatic’s) dream?

While you’re dreaming, let’s rein it in a little bit, your backyard isn’t exactly full court size, is it? If it is, lucky you! We’ll be right over to play when you get it installed. If not, don’t fret! Since the home game courts are custom-designed, they can fit in just about any backyard! You can have a court of almost any size and configuration. We’ve done true half courts, smaller courts with half-court lines, half courts that converts into a batting cage, and more.

How Big is Your Yard?

First things first, you do need to get a handle on the actual size of your space where you envision (ha, see what we did there?) your court! Using a tape measure is the most accurate measurement but, if you use a professional, they will more than likely have an easier way to measure (PLUS, you won’t have to do it)!

Now that you have a better idea of the size of your space, now you can decide what game court might fit.

Do You have the Space for the Sport You’re Interested In?

A basketball court is the most flexible of the sports, it depends on what’s important to you on your court. If a 3-point line is a non-negotiable for your court then you’ll need at least 25 ft x 45 ft for the line and enough room to shoot as well. Volleyball more your style? A volleyball court needs 30 ft by 60ft. You can also use that same space to include a half-court basketball court and other netted sports as well! You can also use a half-court basketball court to have a backyard batting cage as well. Just add a batting cage net to the court (see below).

Dependent upon your yard, that may decide what court will fit the best. Shuffleboard or Bocce ball both are long and narrow courts. Shuffleboard requires approximately 20 ft by 60 ft and Bocce requires about 23 ft by 60 ft. Do your kids love 4 square? That requires a small square area in your yard. If you’re not a stickler for “regulation size” courts, then you’ve got even more options!

PLAY BALL (or Whatever You Want to Play)

The sky is the limit when it comes to your back yard court! One court can provide endless amounts of entertainment for the whole family. You can play basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, and much more all on the same sport if you have the right space and design!

Trust an Expert for Your Court

When it comes to a plan for your outdoor court, why not leave all the planning and measuring to an expert? Let our team at Envisioning Green make your backyard court dreams into a reality. The fun doesn’t have to stop there! Let our team at Envisioning Green help you with everything from lighting to landscaping to an outdoor kitchen. Not ready for those other things yet? No problem, our landscape designers are specialists in breaking your dream backyard down into phases to fit your budget. They’ll make sure that things are done in the most cost-effective and logical way to save you time AND money!

Give us a call today at 618-307-6677, email us at info@envisioninggreen.com, fill out our consultation request form by clicking here to set up your consultation!


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