Tips, Tricks, and Secrets from a Lawn Care Professional

We are excited to start giving you some tips and tricks from Patrick our Maintenance Account Manager throughout the year. Pat will be giving you some ideas of what your lawn needs that time of year as well as any recommendations or tips that he gives our clients. Patrick is an industry veteran and really knows his stuff and he is always looking to help people learn. We appreciate him for all his hard work and his endless care for our clients. Thanks Pat for all you do! See below for his first spot on the blog!

– Erika

We are starting our second round of broadleaf weed control which is important to get down before it gets too hot out. If done when temperatures are consistently above 85, there’s an increased chance for lawn damage. It’s always a good idea to get started early with a pre-emergent granular application in very early spring to control the growth of broadleaf weeds that will sprout with the warming temperatures. Examples of broadleaf weeds are Dandelions, Henbit, Spurge, Smartweed, Clover and Plantain, just to name a few of the many pesky weeds we are always trying to keep at bay. If having a healthy lawn is important to you – I suggest taking preventative steps such as a regular fertilization plan, a spring aeration, a fall aeration with overseeding and if your lawn is in really bad shape, getting a soil sample analyzed to see if a proper pH level is present and if it’s getting the proper Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous intake. N-P-K are your three main nutrients that your lawn needs for healthy growth and appearance.

Some things to watch out for in the lawn now that we are transitioning into the hot months is grass rust, dollar spots and brown Patch. All of these diseases are mainly caused by damp conditions, high humidity and just plain hot temperatures. If your lawn is irrigated, it’s important to monitor the weather because overwatering and improper timing can affect more than you think. If the forecast calls for rain, make sure your irrigation isn’t going to run while it’s raining as this is a huge waste. Also, if it had just rained, or is going to rain, there’s no need to put even more water on the turf you work so hard to maintain. If temperatures are going to be hot, too much water will definitely do some damage. NEVER water during the middle of the day or during peak hot times. The hottest part of the day is typically from early noon until up to 5pm or later. Very early morning is ideal for watering to give time for absorption before it does get too hot. Leaving water on the lawn while it’s roasting outside will basically boil the grass roots and could cause extensive damage. So as the summer is drawing closer, be mindful of responsible irrigation practices and watch out for early signs of common lawn diseases before they get out of hand.


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