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Complementary service calls are provided at no cost for any complete program. Should you opt out of any application included in the program, complimentary service calls will be void. Services automatically renew from season-to-season. For a change in service, please contact the office. Services will be automatically be billed to the checking account or credit card on file when signed up for Easy Auto-bill Pay with Budget Billing. With our Budget Billing, it is designed to very easily spread the cost of a full year of service over 12 months at no additional cost to you and has saved you 5%. Such monthly payments are not be based upon the percentage of work actually completed. Envisioning Green often performs a greater percentage of the Maintenance Work than is invoiced when on Budget Billing. If this agreement is cancelled a final requisition statement will be issued for all Maintenance Work performed, but for which the client was not yet billed. If on Easy Auto-bill Pay, the balance will be charged at the time of cancellation to the payment account on file. If you choose to pay per service and not participate in the 12 month Easy Auto Bill Pay and Budget Billing there will be a small invoice charge to cover the time and cost of $2.50 per invoice. Any applications or services provided at no charge or discounted rates are based on the client completing the full recommended program. Any applications or services provided at no charge will be charged to the client if the full recommended program is not completed. If you are not completely satisfied with an application provided by Envisioning Green we will reapply the treatment at no additional cost or refund your cost of the treatment and cancel any future treatment. To qualify you must call within 30 days of the application.

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