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Meet Charles


Charles, one of our Landscape Designers, has been in the industry since 2015. Charles is responsible for some of our landscape designs and sales. Charles is a member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals and has learned a lot about plants and landscape design during his time at Southwestern Illinois College. In his spare time, Charles enjoys snowboarding, watching sports or movies, hiking and camping, and spending time with family. His favorite food definitely depends on the day. Something interesting about him is that he was born with 6 fingers and still has a little bit of the 6th finger left on his hand! 


Employee FAQ

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Contemporary, love straight lines and the color pallet of blacks, whites, greys. Also enjoy traditional or craftsman style. Those are a lot of fun when it comes to incorporating plantings.

Patios, kitchens, fireplaces, structures, and landscaping. All of the above or any combination.

Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Crimson Queen Japanese Maple, Juniper Hetzi, Fire Chief Arborvitae, Lemon Thread Cypress, Limelight Hydrangea, Sky Pencil Hollies, Boxwoods.

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