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Happy Birthday Kylie and Peter!

We take birthdays really seriously around here! We are even more serious when it’s your first one in the office. This week, we got to celebrate TWO birthdays in the office! This past Monday was Kylie’s first birthday with us and Tuesday was Peter’s second birthday with us (somehow we missed decorating for his birthday

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What are the Benefits of Permeable Pavers?

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in requests for permeable pavers in the St. Louis metro area. If you know our company, you know our love for pavers in general so when we got the opportunity to install permeable pavers which are both beautiful AND great for the environment, we jumped at the chance.

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Topics to Cover During Your Landscape Consultation

This may be your first every landscape consultation or, at this point, you may have been through several companies in search of the right one. In any case, even the most seasoned person can always learn more about the landscape consultation process and topics that you should cover during it. Like with anything, honesty is always the best policy

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How to Pick the Right Lawn Care Company

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on a lawn care and fertilization company? Are you tired of endless Google searches and really no idea what questions to ask when you finally call a company? In this day and age, everyone is constantly being bombarded with marketing and advertisement, so much so that it’s

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Envisioning Green in the News

We love when our people thrive in our company and that’s what Peter does best, he THRIVES! When doing a quick Google search of our company, I came across this awesome article featuring our very own “Planter Pete”. Peter is so passionate about plants that it earned him a nickname and we are so grateful

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Lawn Essentials: Fall Lawn Care

Lawn care isn’t just for the spring, a good fall lawn renovation is essential in helping your lawn not only survive through the winter but to thrive as well. So don’t give up on your lawn just yet, read on for a few of the essential tasks you may want to complete (or have completed

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Team Day: How the Best Get Better with Mark Sanborn

It’s not very often that you get to meet one of your favorite authors, let alone have him come and spend time with your team! Well, we got the opportunity to do that and then some. Our team has been going through the Fred Factor workbook and video series and after we (Erika and Steven) got

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Fireplace or Firepit: A Burning Question for Homeowners

Outdoor living space installations are on a rise in the St. Louis, MO and Edwardsville, IL areas, people are wanting to spend more time at home with their friends and families and are wanting an extension of their home to do so. What better place to extend to than outdoors? Backyards with luxury features such

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